At Kel Az'Amour kennel we are breeding Azawakhs for their pleasure and their happiness.
breeding activity is a passion and not a business !

    About Kel Az'Amour

    I discovered the Azawakhs, so beautiful, stunning and lovable dogs, and developed a real passion for them, so that I decided in 2010 to buy the kennel name Kel Az'Amour.
    My name is Guy DUPRAZ and I am breeding together with de Garde-Épée kennel, owned by Corine LUNDQVIST (Her Web site
    Corine has more than 20 years experiences of the Azawakh breed and, with her knowledge, she helps me with my kennel and in my breeding choices. I am very active as well, as a co-breeder, in her breeding program.

Tadaksahak Idiiyat-es-Sahel

    Tadaksahk Idiiyat-es-Sahel, my first Azawakh male

      My other hobby is photography. I'm mostly very active in landscape and animals photographs, but sometime also other themes.
      I am also a fan of computing, technologies, and graphic and musical arts.


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