At Kel Az'Amour kennel we are breeding Azawakhs for their pleasure and their happiness.
breeding activity is a passion and not a business !

    [2018] TAMALÉ's babies - 8 days old photographies !

        The 5 beautiful TAMALÉ's babies were born on October 26 and the small pack is composed of a girl and 4 boys ! All are fit and healthy.

        Here is some photos taken while they were 8 days old.

    TAMALÉ with the puppies.

    The little girl.

    The boy Nr. 1.

    The boy Nr. 2.

    The boy Nr. 3.

    The boy Nr. 4.

    Goodbye ! I'm sleepy, I'm going back to sleep ...

    The ultrasound is positive :o) TAMALÉ expects babies !

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    Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

    We hope a litter this year in october. [2018]

        Tamalé, our import bitch from Burkina Faso in 2015, met the perfect gentleman and fall in love !

        Jélani, was born at Azaland in 2014, out of the litter of Dakota of Garde-Épée, Taussit n'Kel Dinnik's daughter (Taussit was imported from Niger in 2007) and Swala's Shendor. Jélani is the ideal partner for Tamalé. He will bring skin and coat thinness to the puppies. Both are easy, with well-balanced morphology and character, they have perfect legs and excellent movements.

        She will hopefully give birth to beautiful puppies at the end of October.

        Check this interesting Pedigree !    =>> LINK to the Test-Mating   -   [ TAMALÉ x JÉLANI Kel Az'Amour ]

        • Jélani is Czech Champion, German (VDH) Champion and German (DWZRV) Champion and Czech Coursing Master 2017.

        THANK YOU so much to our great friends Jana and Petr who drove 2900 km to make this happen !

    The 'lovers' JÉLANI and TAMALÉ.

    Jélani Kel Az'Amour.

    First contacts

    Tamalé : Her youth : Burkina Faso (Ayad home at Tin-Akoff) and France

    [2017] They were born August 18, 2017 and there are six beautiful babies

        FANTINE's small family is composed of five beautiful puppies, 3 females and 2 males: all of them in fawn color more or less dark.

        They are very young, so we ask you a little patience to have more information and to see our photos of the puppies. We will provide you - here and in our Facebook page - the web links to the appropriate information, in a short delay.

    FANTINE and her puppies at 1 day

    FANTINE's babies - 1 day old

    2017-08-08 - Birth of a litter on the next week at KEL AZ'AMOUR.

        GOUMSAO de Nulle Part Ailleurs bred by Sylvie BÉNARD and owned by Patrick TOCQUÉ is a beautiful male with a very good genetic,
        He has obtained following rewards :
         • Lauréat Standard Performance - Champion de France de conformité au standard - Champion de France de Poursuite
           SCC Cotation : 4 "Géniteur Recommandé".
        •   Pedigree de Goumsao ->> Pedigree de Goumsao sur Pawpeds

        Fantine Kel Az'Amour She is the daughter of Bossi Tischilt (imported from Shael in 2007 by Corine LUNDQVIST) and of my TADAKSAHAK Idiiyat-es-Sahel (aka TADAK).
        •   Fantine's Pedigree ->> Pedigree de Fantine sur Pawpeds

        Pascal, being very busy by his job, asked us to breed this litter at Azaland under "KEL AZ'AMOUR" kennel name with this pretty azawakh.

        TO NOTE: two puppies are already reserved for the owners of the two "lovers", Pascal THIERY reserves a female and Patrick TOCQUÉ reserves a male.

        •   Pedigree Mating-Test using 10 generations ->> Mating-Test at Pawpeds

    GOUMSAO de Nulle Part Ailleurs

    FANTINE Kel Az'Amour

    FANTINE waits her babies and rests...

    The six beautiful babies of INARA & ZARAHAAN are born on 2017-07-28.

        The litter is composed by 3 females : one is fawn, one is fawn brindle and another is fawn heavy brindle AND 3 males: 2 fawn males, 1 fawn brindle.

        For more informations and to see puppie's photos on the Facebook page dedicated to our kennels (Free access), we suggest you to follow the web links below :

        •   Litter Informations (free access) ->> View @ Azawakhs de Garde-Épée et Kel Az'Amour

        •   Puppies photos (free access) ->> View @ Azawakhs de Garde-Épée et Kel Az'Amour

    The INARA de Garde-Épée litter

    The parents: inara (left) and Zarahaan

    [2017]Effoudé - FCI European Vice-Champion of Coursing 2017 !

        Effoudé (EFFÛDEGH EHEREN EN TUFAT) had very well performed at the FCI European Coursing Championship 2017 at Lotzwil (Switzerland), he got the second place on the 10 concurent dogs. He got a score of 884 points over 1'000, just two points from the winner !

        Just miss 3 points to became the CHAMPION !

        We are VERY PROUD of this little guy who really loves Lure Coursing and who does not want to miss an opportunity to run !

        CONTINUE like that Effoudé!

    Effoudé - very proud - at the second place on the Lotzwil's podium

    [2014] They were born November 11 and there are six beautiful babies

        The small team is composed by 2 females : one is fawn and one is fawn brindle AND 4 males: 2 fawn males, 1 fawn brindle and 1 fawn light brindle.

        For more informations and to see puppie's photos on the Facebook page dedicated to our kennels (Free access), we suggest you to follow the web links below :

        •   Litter Informations (free access) ->> View @ Azawakhs de Garde-Épée et Kel Az'Amour

        •   Puppies photos (free access) ->> View @ Azawakhs de Garde-Épée et Kel Az'Amour

    Dakota de Garde-Épée with her puppies

    Upcoming litter at Azaland in Autumn 2014 !

        Around 2014 November 10th, we are expecting a litter. Parents are Dakota de Garde-Épée & Swala’s Shendor owned by Ms Anne Merethe Peersen who we would like to thank a lot for all her great help, and bred by Ms Frieda Van der Mast. Shendor already has a lot of champion titles. These two beautiful azawakhs should be proud parents of beautiful puppies that we are excited to welcome soon.
        We invite you to follow this new adventure on our medias on the web (websites and blog):

        •   This website ->> Azawakhs Kel Az'Amour website
        •   Azawakhs de Garde-Épée Blog ->> Azawakhs de Garde-Épée Blog
        •   Our Facebook page (free access) ->> Azawakhs de Garde-Épée et Kel Az'Amour

    Dakota de Garde-Épée & Swala's Shendor

    More information about the parents.

        Swala’s Shendor who already earned many champions titles : He is Gibraltar Junior CH, Gibraltar CH, Lisboa Winner, International CH of Beauty (FCI) & Spanish CH.
        Waiting for registrations : Portugal CH

        Dakota de Garde-Épée hating car travels and shows, has only few show results but she has got good jugements each time. ( RCAC-RCACIB & EXC-3 in a Breed Specialty )
        •   Dakota's show results ->> Dakota in Shows

        •   Pedigree Mating-Test ->> Mating-Test at Pawpeds
        The goal of this wedding is to go on with the selection work and to improve the type in bringing some older Garde-Épée lines back - with Shendor - to the newer genetics from Taussit N'Kel Dinnik, Dakota's Dad.

        •   For more Photos of Shendor ->> Shendor's Photo Blog
        •   For more Photos of Dakota ->> Dakota's Album on Facebook

    Effûdegh EHEREN EN TUFAT - A new boy came in the Kel Az'Amour pack. (September 2014)

        At the end of september 2014, we were happy to receive a gift - Effûdegh (pronounced Éffoudé) from Bettina & Benjamin SCHMIDT ( Website => EHEREN EN TUFAT ) - This beautiful baby is 13 weeks old and he has a very good temper and well balanced nature. He is now meeting the azawakhs of our pack, and some of his relatives, especially his grand-father and grand-mother.
        A BIG THANK YOU to Betti et Ben !

    Effûdegh - Some photos.

    Upcoming LITTERS at Kel Az'Amour and Garde-Épée (Automn 2014)

        Most of our girls are in season right now, and two of them will hopefully have puppies in November. We will give all the details about the future litters as soon as the pregnancies have been confirmed. There are several great champions in the ancestries and very low inbreeding % on total generations (inbreeding is 6% and 2,5% respectively).

    2010 Litter - Abimbola and her puppies.

    Next planned litters at Azaland ! (Fall 2013)

        Two azawakh litters will be born with us about mid-November. The Parents are Hawa Idiiyat-es-Sahel & Ferren Kel Az'Amour for the first litter and Chikal-Iléla de Garde-Épée & Dallol de Garde-Épée for the second one.

        We are excited to welcome them soon and invite you to follow this new adventure with us here.

        •   The Azawakhs de Garde-Épée blog ->> Azawakhs de Garde-Épée Blog
        •   Le site Azawakhs de Garde-Épée ->> Azawakhs de Garde-Épée Website
        •   or our Facebook page (free access) ->> Azawakhs de Garde-Épée et Kel Az'Amour

    Hawa Idiiyat-es-Sahel & Ferren Kel Az'Amour

    Welcome little Princess ! (October 2013)

        Welcome in our pack for the litle girl Queena of Siverdale. We are pleased to welcome you home.
        Thank you to her breeders Elisabeth Naumann and Werner Röder (Germany) ! Website => Azawakhs of Silverdale Blog

    Quenna of Silverdale (aka Queenie)

    Queenie (3,5 mois/months)

    Fola Sadé is France Standard Conformity Champion

        As good news never comes alone, we are announcing the validation of the title of France Standard Conformity Champion (French Beauty Champion) to our lovely Fola Sadé de Garde-Épée belongs to Isabelle Gilmant.
        Sadé is a daughter of our CH-IB Tadaksahak Idiiyat-es-Sahel.
        Congratulations Sadé and Isabelle !

    Fola Sadé Championne de France de Conformité au Standard !

    FAHIM Kel Az'Amour, Lure Coursing Champion of France

        FAHIM Kel Az'Amour is 2013 Lure Coursing Champion of France, he got also very good results throughout this year !
        We are very proud of him and we thank his owners Mr. and Mrs. Tocqué for bringing him so often on the podium !

    Fahim Champion de France de PVL !

    Ferren in show : Getting Started ! (Fall 2013)

        Ferren Kel Az'Amour had his two first experiences of shows this autumn at Sorges and at Poitiers.
        Both times he has got very good critics from the judges (EXCELLENT) and he could get CACS & Best of Breed at Sorges (national show), and CACS-CACIB and BOB at Poitiers (international show).
        We are very pleased with him !

    Expo de Poitiers 2013: Ferren et sa maîtresse Corine

    FAHIM's Confirmation (Breeding rights) and First CACS !

        Congratulations to FAHIM Kel Az'Amour who has been confirmed (February 18, 2012) and also won his first CACS !
        Bravo to the owners and Thank you Mr. Grünheid

    FAHIM et son 1er CACS (Février 2012)

    SLAG Challenge 2010-2011 for Tadaksahak Idiiyat-es-Sahel !

        Tadaksahak is the winner of the Azawakh SLAG Challenge 2010-2011. This award award is given to the dog who did the best results in Shows in France in the past year (calculated using a point system between two Nationales d'Élevage)

    Tadaksahak en Balade (2010)

    International Champion of Beauty (FCI) title for Tadaksahak Idiiyat-es-Sahel !

        A very Good News for our breeds: Tadaksahak's title International Champion of Beauty from FCI was validated on 29/06/2011.
        Also, I received the certificate with a qualifying ticket to the contest "Centenary FCI World Champion of Champions" in Brussels in next November .

    Tadaksahak en Expo • (WDS 2011)

    World Dog Show 2011 : Félelli was the Best Young Male

        World Dog Show (08/07/2011) - Paris-Villepinte: Very good result for Félelli Kel Az'Amour who, at ten months and on his second patricipation to a show, was placed as Best Young Mâle.
        Congratulations to him and to his owner Violaine Létisse !

    Félelli en Expo • (WDS 2011)

    November 21, 2010 • Bossi's and her daughter Fantine was going back home !

        Today, Pascal THIERY came to our home to pick up Bossi Tischilt in order to bring her back home.

        He also returned with a brand new member of his Azawakh pack (Pascal's website: Élevage Na'ema) - the sweet and beautiful Fantine Kel Az'Amour, Bossi and Tadaksahak Idiiyat-es-Sahel daugther.

    Bossi et ses chiots • Bossi with her babies

    September 6, 2010 • Bossi's and Tadaksahak's puppies are born !

      I am very happy and proud to let you know that the first Kel Az'Amour litter was born on September 6, 2010.

      HISTORY : Corine LUNDQVIST (To Visit her website: brought three puppies back from her expedition in Sahel in 2007 and one of those, Bossi Tischilt, was for Pascal THIERY (Pascal's website: Élevage Na'ema).

      Pascal, for professional reasons, is too busy to care of a litter and offered us a few months ago to have a litter with his beautiful Bossi.

      As Bossi was bred to Tadaksahak, who is mine, we decided to have this litter under my Kel Az'Amour kennel name.

Bossi Tischilt

Bossi - et ses bébés / and her puppies

Bossi Tischilt

Bossi Tischilt

Bossi Tischilt - Portrait. (Propriétaire/Owner Pascal THIERY)

Bossi Tischilt

Bossi & Tadaksahak - Flirt :o)

    August 14, 2010: First Tadaksahak's puppies was born tonight !

        After a long night up for Corine and me, the puppies out of Abimbola de Garde-Épée (aka BimBim) and Tadaksahak Idiiyat-es-Sahel are born. Four girls and two boys, all fine and healty, are happy to be in this world !

        For more informations, please visit Corine's Websites (Site de Garde-ÉpéeBLOG de Garde-Épée) and/or her other communications.

Abimbola et ses bébés • Abimbola with her babies